Here you can read how Your First Sailing Handbook came to be…

0. Manuscript
The very first version of the handbook was actually the handwritten manuscript which the author wrote while he was preparing to start working as a sailing instructor with Academia Navalis Adriatica (ANA), the school of sailing and nautical skills. He used this manuscript as a personal reminder for conducting basic sailing courses.

1. First edition
First edition of the handbook was published in 2009. This edition was extended and digitized version of the handwritten manuscript. The handbook followed the structure of the ANA’s basic sailing course and it was intended for the course participants, as well as the novice sailing instructors. This edition used to be available as a printed book.

2. Second (current) edition
The second edition, significantly extended and improved, has been published in 2019. See the handbook features by following the link: Why to buy. Your First Sailing Handbook is currently available as an e-book in PDF format. Plans for the future include publishing the book in EPUB format, as well as a print version.